100% tailor-made catering

100% tailor-made, we offer unique menus: top-of-the-range catering, cold buffet, table service, tapas, gastronomic, aperitif, brunch, according to your wishes

what do you want to organise?


A birthday, a wedding, a proposal, a product launch, an important meeting, a business meeting, a christening, a barbecue with friends... Or much more.

The number of guests: at DGP Event, we start from 2 to ....... (let's not put any barriers). The important thing for a reception organiser is not quantity but quality!

At DGP Events, we have asked ourselves these questions and our approach allows you to answer them clearly.

To make sure you like the menu, it's simple, we do what you like, you tell us what you want and we make it happen: traditional, gastronomic, Lebanese, kosher, halal, vegan, vegetarian, garden party, wedding, christening, seminar, conference, reception, team
building, end of year party, burger by the pool... What matters is that you have a great time.

There is something for every taste and every budget, but one thing remains the same in all our events, and that is the passion and professionalism that we bring to each of our services.

4-step approach including the trial dinner


100% tailor-made means that every event is unique. How does it work?

  1. Your needs: what you want to celebrate, the place, possibly the theme, the venue (your company, a congress, seminar, pool party...), the number of people, your budget
  2. Advice: based on these initial elements, we advise you using our 30 years of experience in the event industry
  3. Our proposal: We make a proposal that is 100% customised to your needs. As part of this proposal, we include a trial dinner during which you can taste all the dishes in our proposal in order to finalise your choice. Only here do you sign the quote to confirm the event.
  4. The event : With our teams, our equipment, furniture, cutlery, we set up the different places of gourmet conviviality as well as the logistics. Then, during your event, our chef de salle ensures that the event runs smoothly.

This way we can build a delicious event for you.

The importance of the test meal in choosing your caterer


You have done tastings and it doesn't suit you? We will find something that will please you by widening the field of possibilities.

Who could sign an estimate without having tasted it? We know... but if you're reading this, you're probably wondering.

We make test meals so that you can taste the dishes before you commit yourself. We have listened to your wishes beforehand, yes... and during the test meals we get to know your tastes with more finesse. These are real moments of exchange.

Now you know who the people are who sign without tasting. They are some of our loyal and busy customers whose tastes we know perfectly well.

Maybe one day we will know each other as well as we do? 

the date and place


Have you already chosen the venue for your event? Good, we'll adapt. We will visit the venue and start working.

Do you need help because there is no suitable venue? Are you unsure about the date? We can help you.

The tariffs


At DGP Events, we want to be transparent. Our packages are established according to your event and your needs.

Let's talk frankly, the budget is not taboo: small or large, it's what you want to put in. Let's talk about it together.

As you can see, the most important thing at DGP Events is you.

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And maybe tomorrow, it will be pictures of your events with lots of happy people 😉